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The original model of the Navilera line exudes class and style with its varnished exposed wood hull combined with light-coloured upholstery and chrome details for a length of nearly five metres, allowing for great manoeuvrability and easy steering.

The innovative design of the stern platform to facilitate both access to the water and embarkation and disembarkation, the sundeck and sofa configuration at the bow, the console in the centre and the exposed wood deck give the Navilera Special Edition everything you need to make the most of the space and the environment.

It stands out for its elegance and elegance, as well as for its ample capacity for up to six people on board.

  • Lenght - 4.96
  • Beam - 1.96
  • Materials - wood and greenpoxy resin
  • Engine - 6kW
  • Range - 5,5h at 4 knots / 2,5h at 7 knots
  • Speed - 7 knots
  • Finishes - hull and interiors with exposed and varnished wood. Choice of wood. Upholstery and awning of your choice.
  • Capacity on board - 6 people
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