Boats with soul

We produce something unique and we know it.

Boat under construction

Do you want a 100% electric, ecological boat made with natural and recyclable materials? Do you also want it to be elegant, comfortable, efficient, durable, low-maintenance and respectful of the environment? We are your SHIPYARD.

Do you have a classic wooden boat, do you want to electrify it and give it a new life?

Put it in our HANDS and discover what we are capable of.

The navigation of the future is already here

Clean, sustainable and as ecological as possible

Promoting an innovative business project that transforms the nautical sector, towards responsible mobility, based on clean energy (electric propulsion), environmental sustainability (without polluting emissions) and ecology (use of recyclable materials).

It is not an easy task, but as you can see it is possible.

If we can, you can.

Just act different.

Electric propulsion

Wood and natural fibers