Feel the silence

We offer a different sailing experience. Discover our boats: 100% electric, ecological and made with natural and recyclable materials. Elegant, comfortable, efficient, durable, low maintenance and committed to the environment.

Manufactured in Mallorca, we combine tradition and innovation, experience and modernity, combining the art and technique of the Mestres d'aixa with the use of new materials and technology.

The Future of sailing

We promote a business project which transforms the nautical sector towards responsible mobility based on clean energy (electric propulsion), environmental sustainability (zero polluting emissions) and ecology (use of recyclable materials).

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Environmental Commitment


At Nauta Morgau we work with very clear principles, such as efficiency, quality, innovation and sustainability, but our main value is our commitment to the environment, aware that the planet, with its seas and seabed, is a treasure that must be preserved urgently. For us, the enjoyment as well as the practical use of sailing is possible while respecting nature. For this reason, we put all our efforts into manufacturing electric, ecological and sustainable models.

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