Grants for the purchase of electric and ecological boats

There is good news for individuals and companies who are thinking of buying an ecological and electric boat from Nauta Morgau, and also for those who have a conventional boat and want to equip it with an electric propulsion system: A new line of financial aid for the decarbonisation of the sea. The Balearic Government's Investment Plan for the Energy Transition of the Balearic Islands (PITEIB) has up to 15 million euros available to decarbonise the nautical sector. Because in the Balearic Islands, the sea plays an important role and its decarbonisation is key in the energy transition process.


Subsidies for individuals and companies

Both individuals and companies can benefit from this aid for the acquisition of electric boats such as those that we manufacture in a traditional way in Nauta Morgau. Specifically, the plan being carried out by the Balearic Government together with the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, has three lines of aid. The following will be promoted

- the purchase of boats for individuals and companies

- the electrification of existing boats with conventional engines.


At Nauta Morgau, we can provide a solution to all these concerns. Our boats are electric, therefore, they do not emit CO2; they are ecological, because we manufacture in a sustainable and artisanal way in our shipyard located in Mallorca, using natural and recyclable materials, without fibreglass or plastic. Furthermore, we have models for recreational use, for charter and for working in ports and natural areas.


Charging stations in harbours

Another piece of good news is that the plan has instruments to promote the electrification of up to 20 ports in the Balearic Islands to enable the connection of boats at berth. So, in the ports, you will have charging stations for your electric and ecological boats from Nauta Morgau: "All the ports of the Balearic Islands must move towards decarbonisation.

Balearic Islands must move towards decarbonisation and follow a similar path to ensure a real energy transition at sea", according to the project's explanatory document.



Investment plan for energy transition

All these measures are part of the Investment Plan for the Energy Transition of the Balearic Islands (PITEIB), with a total of 233.34 million euros from the Next Generation EU Recovery Fund. This plan is divided into six programmes, one of which - plan 3 - is the challenges of insularity: sustainable mobility, decarbonisation of the sea and the water cycle. This plan is endowed with 30% of the overall budget - around 70 million euros - of which 15 million euros are earmarked for the decarbonisation of the nautical sector. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.