Environmental commitment

Recyclable materials

Environmental commitment

Zero plastic

Maintenance of our boats is minimal, which reduces the use of harmful substances. The Nauta Morgau are silent and non-polluting, built with renewable raw materials such as laminated wood, glued using resins. Over 50% of its composition consists of plant-based products or flax fibre, discarding fibreglass and plastic. Each and every one of the materials we use are selected according to the most demanding sustainability criteria and taking into account variables such as international geopolitics. We believe future sailing has to be done in harmony and with absolute respect for the environment, using materials from responsible sources that are as close as possible, and that are not harmful to the sea nor to the air.

Zero pollution

Nauta Morgau vessels are powered by electric energy and are standard equipped with autonomous refuelling systems, i.e. they do not require special refuelling equipment on the quayside or refuelling with fuel that has a high carbon footprint. This feature, in addition to providing convenience and cost reduction to the user, contributes to reducing the number of refuelling points and to providing fluidity to port traffic. Electric power is the alternative to fossil fuels to help curb climate change or reduce the existing impact, with the double advantage of minimising noise pollution in the marine environment.

Environmental commitment

360 Solution

We want to lead a new way of relating to the sea with a proposal that takes a 360-degree view of the problem: construction, minimum maintenance, lifespan and subsequent recycling.

We are working so that this pioneering initiative can be exported to other territories and set a new trend in navigation to help curb global warming and make the planet more habitable. That is why we are firmly committed to collaborating with organisations (foundations, NGOs, research institutes, etc.) whose primary aim is the preservation of the environment. 

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