Pioneer project

Founded in Mallorca in 2021, but with extensive and specialised experience, we combine tradition and innovation. The founder, Marc Balaguer, is a self-taught craftsman who works with a team of professionals who are committed to combining the art and technique of the mestres d'aixa with the use of new materials and modern construction techniques using digital technology. Using the improvement of the llaüts as a distinctive feature of the historical and cultural heritage of the Balearic Islands as a starting point, we focus on offering 100% personalised designs that bear a sustainability mark.

we combine the art and technique of the mestres d'aixa with the use of new materials and modern cons
art and nautical design

We are a dynamic company, active in the first sectors that will integrate electric boats into their operations: recreational and ecological tourism, mobility in natural parks and protected areas, professional use in ports, mobility for people in cities...


Handmade in Mallorca

Tradition and innovation

Designed and manufactured by an expert team and with artisan care, the Nauta Morgau boats are born on the shores of the Mediterranean, in a small shipyard in Portocolom specialised in manufacturing with laminated wood under the direction of the founder, Marc Balaguer, also mestre d'aixa.

Our new facilities are located in Felanitx, a strategic enclave that gives us easy access to the rest of the island and offers us greater visibility.


Handmade in Mallorca
Handmade in Mallorca

Art and Design

With a distinctive heritage that combines history and local art, we enrich our Nauta Morgau with innovation. The línia d'aixa, a replica of centuries-old hulls, is combined with the latest technology in shipbuilding and we obtain unique and elegant models created with natural materials. Our serial production at reasonable prices is combined with the manufacture of custom-made units, which makes our models exclusive.

Unlike the traditional system, which uses boards, nails and oakum for the construction and watertightness of the hull, Nauta Morgau uses laminated wood, glued together to create a single body that provides complete watertightness, which is necessary for the installation of the electric motors and achieves a significant reduction in maintenance.

The company's expansion plans, fuelled by growing demand, have led to the expansion of the shipyard to a new site, close to the current one, which will allow the manufacture of a larger number of vessels

Sailor of Tomorrow

Nauta Morgau boosts the local economy and places the Balearic Islands at the forefront of the nautical sector of the future. Its name means "Sailor of tomorrow" in Latin, a universal language that has endured over the centuries, influencing many later cultures, and in Esperanto, an invented language with a natural and logical structure and a universalist character. This is what we want our ships to be like: vessels built close to the sea that gives them life, capable of conquering the waters of other territories. Boats with an elegant and minimalist design, exportable, durable and efficient.

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