Pioneer project


In 2020, Nauta Morgau, a 21st century shipyard, was born in Mallorca. We combine tradition and innovation. I am Marc Balaguer, the founder, a 100% self-taught craftsman.

Now I lead a team of professionals who are committed to combining the art and technique of the traditional woodenboatbuilders with the use of new materials and modern construction techniques.

At Nauta we design and build classic, current, Mediterranean-style boats, but all with real sustainability as a pillar.

With this video, you will be able to visit the inside of the shipyard and I will be able to introduce you to the team.

We are a dynamic company, active in the first sectors that will integrate electric boats into their operations: recreational and ecological tourism, mobility in natural parks and protected areas, professional use in ports, mobility for people in cities...

Handmade in Mallorca


The shipyard is located at the entrance to Felanitx, a town in Levante Mallorca.

At sea, we have our own rental base, with Nauta models so that everyone can test how their navigation feels.

Handmade in Mallorca

Tradition and innovation


Designed and built by a team that complements each other, that continuously learns and with artisan care, the Nauta Morgau are born on the shores of the Mediterranean. We started building our first units in a small carpentry shop in Portocolom, and today we have specialized in construction with laminated wood and vegetable composites, such as flax or hemp.

Our new facilities are located at the entrance to Felanitx, a strategic enclave that provides us with access to the rest of the island and offers us excellent visibility.

Tradition and innovation

Art and Design


In the línea d'aixa, the replica of centennial evolution hulls merge with the latest technology in sustainable shipbuilding. This is how we obtain unique models, built in wood and natural materials from renewable sources.

Our mass production (by molding with vegetable fibers and bio-based resins) intended for a wider public, is combined with the laminated wood construction of exclusive and limited units. Both the different models available today and something you have in mind and want us to design and build…

Unlike the traditional system, which uses boards, nails and tow for the construction and sealing of the hull, Nauta Morgau uses laminated wood, glued together creating a single body that provides complete sealing, optimal for the installation of electric motors and achieving a more than considerable reduction in maintenance, comparable to “traditional” fiberglass.


Art and Design

Sailor of Tomorrow


Nauta Morgau boosts the local economy and places the Balearic Islands at the forefront of future sailing. Its name means "navigators of tomorrow" in Latin, a universal language that has endured over the centuries, influencing numerous subsequent cultures, and in Esperanto, an invented language with a natural and logical structure, of a universalist nature. This is how we want our ships to be: ships built near the sea that gives them life, capable of navigating the waters of other territories. Boats with an elegant and minimalist design, durable and efficient.